Premium Web Services

If you don’t need to know how to build/edit a website, route DNS, troubleshoot an error, or what crazy tech jargon means,
then why waste your valuable time? We take all of the headache out of your hands (or brain) by doing the heavy lifting for you.


​1. a person who is obsessed with a specific interest.


Freaks Media is headed up by Levi Gebeke – a 15 year veteran of the Web Services world. Every task we do for you, from the smallest edits to the largest corporate builds, we do with passion and attention to detail. Our goal is to take the heavy lifting out of your hands in a confusing online world and resolve any issue you may have with your website or server.​

Website Development​ & Management

If you need a single page micro-site, any size website, or large corporate information portal – we can handle the entire process from design to development. We can also turn your vision into a fully functional website from an idea, graphic design, or wireframe that you’ve already built. Every website we develop is built using current standards to optimize SEO, user experience (UX), and interaction.

​​Maybe you already have a website built by someone else, but have no one to edit it. We can get your changes made, even if you don’t know who to track down for login credentials – navigating tough situations with little information at hand is one of our specialties.​

Website Transfers

Moving a website to another domain name, hosting server, or transitioning from staging to live smoothly can be a massive headache. Don’t waste hours of your time with tech support going in circles while trying to resolve your moving issues. We can handle everything from prep to finish.​

​​It’s easy to get sloppy when moving a website, which can cause long periods of down time waiting for everything to propagate through the web. With proper preparation, moving a website can be done with little to no downtime.​

DNS Services

DNS (Domain Name Service) can be a confusing world, but it is a crucial and often ignored piece of your online presence. Don’t get lost in a maze of records and propagation. Don’t accept massive amounts of downtime that can kill your SEO, not to mention upset your customers.

​​Freaks Media can handle your DNS woes, such as routing emails, managing redirects, and complex website transfers with little to no downtime. ​

Server Management

Managing your own hosting server can save or make you a ton of money over time – especially if you are a web design firm that has a medium to large sized client base. Managing a hosting server can also be a massive headache.

We have vast experience in building, managing, and securing hosting servers so we can take on the hard stuff for you.​

​​Freaks Media can handle your DNS woes, such as routing emails, managing redirects, and complex website transfers with little to no downtime. ​

Troubleshooting Issues

Whether you’re building a website for yourself, a client, or have a designer putting a site together for you – there are always puzzling issues that can stand in your way. 

​​​​We’re here when you need an experienced technician who can help you sort through the problems and help you find a solution. From pre-production to live sites/servers, we love figuring out and fixing issues.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is no longer an option, but a necessity – social media, search engine ads, industry blogs, etc. can keep your head reeling when you need to focus on running your business.

​​Freaks Media has handled digital marketing campaigns for small owner-operator businesses, massive law firms, and everything in between. Contact us today to see how we can help you navigate the digital marketing world.​

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